So Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is the 3rd largest social media site… however it is not a social media network!

If you are eager to build your brand, you cant afford to ignore this all in one visual search engine and bookmarking tool!

Pinterest allows users to not only discover but also save creative ideas for now and in the future. It is considered to be the worlds largest catalogue of ideas.

Negativity and unpleasant comments are just not part of the Pinterest culture!

Pinterest is a vibrant, inspirational and motivational corner of the online globe!

3 Reasons Why Your Biz Or Blog Should Be On Pinterest!

Without a doubt the No 1 reason is…..


Pinterest is the second largest driver of traffic to your website. It refers more traffic to websites than Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Stumbleupon, Reddit and LinkedIn combined!

Each pin is a visual bookmark that links back to the website it came from.

Have a look at the arrows on this pin. There are multiple way’s Pinterest encourages sharing of your content and referral of traffic back to your website/blog.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social media platform and as of October 2016 , boasts 150 million users! 70 Million in the US and 80 million from outside the US!

75% of Pinterest usages takes place on tablets or phones.

People are searching and discovering and being inspired… when they’re on the go, so make sure your website and Pinterest boards are mobile friendly!

2. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Pinterest boards are indexed by Google which means; Pinterest can help you rank for keywords in search engines (ie Google, Bing, Yahoo )

If you optimise your boards and the pins within that board, plus the images used for the pins, with your chosen keyword… then you will get ranked by google and can end up on page 1 quite quickly!

Make sure you know what keywords, in particular a keyword phrase, you want to be ranked for, before setting up your Pinterest Account or optimsing your boards.

3. Longevity

Content on Pinterest is evergreen…it lasts forever!

A Pin has an average half life of 3 & 1/2 months and can be shared and repinned for years. To gain some perspective on this, the average half life of a tweet is 24 mins and Facebook post is 90 mins!

Creating valuable, helpful and motivating content for your pinterest boards, is well worth the effort because Pinterest users are collecting content to use for now and in the future. They refer back to their boards for years to come.

When they repin content their followers are exposed to the pin who then check out your website. They may save the pin to their boards and then their followers may repin….and so the cycle begins.

Repining allows pins to proliferate through pinterest which not only adds to the longevity of your content but ultimately generating more and more traffic to your website/blog…for FREE.

Free quality traffic!

Have I got your attention?

For The Visual Learners

Just as Pinterest introduced the never ending scroll…if you would like to keep scrolling…….you will discover more about this incredible platform!

Some More Interesting Statistics…

Pinners are buyers – Pinners are on pinterest with a buying mindset and their intentions are about the future! –  73% of Active Pinners ( access pinterest every month ) have indicated they have purchased an item because they have saw it on Pinterest –  86% of Daily Pinners and 67% of Active Pinners, have accessed Pinterest while shopping, to purchase something they have pinned.

More Men Are Moving On Over To Pinterest – Males are the fastest growing group on Pinterest – There are 75% more males on Pinterest than there were a year ago

Pinterest Is Becoming A Global Force – The site is now available in more than 30 languages and has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Brazil, and Tokyo.

Pinners Follow Brands – Pinners follow brands more so than following celebrites and stylists. – 83% of Active Pinners would rather follow a brand over a celebrity. This is great for all of you entrepreneurs and business owners and bloggers!

Pinterest Is More Search Than Social –  According to Ahalogy ‘ The Pinner experience is more geared towards personal content discovery than outward social expression

For more riveting statistics, grab your free copy of The Ahalogy 2015 Pinterest Media Consumption Report

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